Greenwich NO2 Pollution: 01/2005 to 05/2013

Results are ordered by pollution mean (µg/m3) for the period, highest to lowest.
35GW101Royal Borough of GreenwichPlumstead RdRoadsideA206 SE18Map1st lamp post east of Foreland St 1.002.5077.336739
23GW50Royal Borough of GreenwichWoolwich FlyoverRoadsideSE10MapRoof area GR8 Monitoring station3.503.0071.649347
6GW29Royal Borough of GreenwichWoolwich Rd, CharltonRoadsideA206 SE7Map1st lamp post east of bus stop to east of Charlton Church La1.002.5067.928400
36GW102Royal Borough of GreenwichPlumstead RdRoadsideA206MapLamp post OS Burrage Grove AEI1.002.5067.310313
8GW33Royal Borough of GreenwichBlackheath HillRoadsideA2 SE10MapDrain pipe at west edge of Sign shop, nr Plumbridge St1.502.5063.921224
18GW43Royal Borough of GreenwichCreek RdRoadsideA200 SE8MapLamp post opp Deptford Church Street2.002.5061.344388
10GW35Royal Borough of GreenwichWoolwich Rd, GreenwichRoadsideA206 SE10MapLamp post OS Mini Town Hall, nr Blackwall La1.502.5059.699513
27GW54Royal Borough of GreenwichWesthorne AvenueRoadsideA205 SE9MapStreet sign approx 7m NE of housing office2.502.5058.782371
17GW42Royal Borough of GreenwichGreenwich Church StreetRoadsideA200/206 SE10MapLamp post, south end, west side, nr Nelson Rd2.002.5058.193093
39GW105Royal Borough of GreenwichCliftons Roundabout RoadsideA20MapLamp post east side of R5.002.5058.170698
2GW24Royal Borough of GreenwichPlumstead Common RoadRoadsideSE18MapLamp post, nr public house / Sandy Hill Rd3.002.5056.396939
29GW56Royal Borough of GreenwichSidcup RdRoadsideA20 SE9Map1st lamp post east of Felhampton Rd1.502.5055.818696
19GW44Royal Borough of GreenwichEltham High StreetRoadsideA210 SE9MapDrain pipe adjacent to entrance of Eltham Library3.602.5055.446146
28GW55Royal Borough of GreenwichCrown Woods WayRoadsideA2 SE9MapRoof area GB6 Monitoring station1.503.0053.940702
11GW36Royal Borough of GreenwichBoord StRoadsideA102M SE10MapLamp post nr bend at SW30.002.5053.923542
5GW27Royal Borough of GreenwichCharlton VillageRoadsideB210 SE7Map1st lamp post west of Torrance Close0.502.5053.175417
3GW25Royal Borough of GreenwichEltham RdRoadsideA20 SE12MapMillennium sign near Ravens Way3.002.5052.348191
20GW45Royal Borough of GreenwichGeneral Gordon PlaceRoadsideSE18MapNot operating 201013.502.5052.013191
38GW104Royal Borough of GreenwichSun LaneRoadsideA102MapStreet sign south end Sun La overlooks Sun In the Sands R12.502.5050.710000
21GW48Royal Borough of GreenwichGreenwich South StreetRoadsideSE10MapLamp post, OS 60 Greenwich Sth St2.502.5050.528316
31GW58Royal Borough of GreenwichBlackheath HillRoadsideA2 SE10MapRoof area GR7 monitoring station 4.003.0050.270980
7GW32Royal Borough of GreenwichBanchory RdRoadsideA102MMapLamp post nr Old Dover Rd opp Sunfields Church Hall17.102.5049.340105
25GW52Royal Borough of GreenwichWoolwich High StreetRoadsideA206 SE18Map1st lamp post west of Kingsman St1.502.5048.661053
24GW51Royal Borough of GreenwichBugsbys WayRoadsideSE7Map1st lamp post east of Schoolbank Rd2.002.5048.131649
9GW34Royal Borough of GreenwichBannockburn SchoolRoadsideA206 SE18MapSchool sign at boundary wall, nr Bannockburn Rd3.002.5047.022411
37GW103Royal Borough of GreenwichWricklemarsh RdRoadsideA102MapLamp post west end Wricklemarsh Rd9.002.5046.988636
22GW49Royal Borough of GreenwichWoolwich High StreetRoadsideA206 SE18MapLamp post, OS Riverside Hse1.002.5046.928788
16GW41Royal Borough of GreenwichSidcup RdRoadsideA20 SE9MapLamp post OS 701 Sidcup Rd, car hire business3.002.5046.489479
32GW59Royal Borough of GreenwichWesthorne AvenueRoadsideA205 SE9MapRoof area GR9 monitoring station13.003.0046.381449
1GW23Royal Borough of GreenwichSiebert RdRoadsideA102MMapLamp post, approx 7m north of 45 Siebert Rd17.202.5045.868283
30GW57Royal Borough of GreenwichTrafalgar Rd, GreenwichRoadsideA206 SE10MapRoof area GR5 monitoring station7.003.0044.674724
26GW53Royal Borough of GreenwichShooters Hill RoadRoadsideA207 SE18MapLamp post opp Corelli Rd1.502.5044.530729
33GW60Royal Borough of GreenwichBurrage GroveRoadsideA206 SE18MapRoof area GR10 monitoring station16.903.0044.304255
40GW106Royal Borough of GreenwichGrand Depot RdRoadsideArea of future retail developmenMapLamp post south side Grand Depot Rd1.002.5042.829756
34GW61Royal Borough of GreenwichMillennium VillageIntermediatenr aggregate zoneMapRoof area GR12 monitoring station0.003.0041.964787
4GW26Royal Borough of GreenwichFoots Cray RdRoadsideA211MapPost OS 352 Foots Cray Rd, nr Blanmerle Rd0.502.5040.867553
42GW30Royal Borough of GreenwichIndus RdRoadsideShooters Hill Rd A207MapLamp post north side A2075.002.5039.538750
13GW38Royal Borough of GreenwichWesthorne AvIntermediateA205 SE9MapAbove door in NE side of ex-housing office30.002.5038.793804
41GW28Royal Borough of GreenwichDunblane RdRoadsideA205MapLamp post west side of A2057.502.5038.708000
43GW31Royal Borough of GreenwichDeansfield SchoolRoadsideRochester WayMapSchool perimeter fence.3.002.5035.813913
12GW37Royal Borough of GreenwichDe Lucy SchoolBackgroundCookhill Rd SE2MapBoiler house wall, north side of school215.002.5027.278879
14GW39Royal Borough of GreenwichBexley Rd ECCBackgroundA210 SE9MapWest side of curriculum centre near intake of GR4 continuous monitor.65.002.5025.775794
15GW40Royal Borough of GreenwichShrewsbury HseBackgroundBushmore Cres SE18MapWest wall window, room 4, 1st floor. 575.002.5025.243478

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