Welcome to No to Silvertown Tunnel

We’re a group of east and south-east London residents who opposed to the construction of the Silvertown Tunnel, a new road link across the Thames from the Royal Docks to feed into the A102 at the Greenwich Peninsula – effectively a third Blackwall Tunnel.

It’s claimed that it will relieve congestion, but we believe this is misleading. For decades, studies have shown that building new roads attracts new cars. The jams that blight the nortbound Blackwall Tunnel now will return in time, and existing southbound queues will only get worse. Routes through the Royal Docks, Canning Town and Beckton also face increased congestion.

This congestion brings pollution, which kills. In 2008, pollution was responsible for 150 deaths in Greenwich borough alone. We’ve conducted three separate pollution studies on both sides of the Thames, uncovering horrifying levels of pollution on routes that face more traffic as a result of the Silvertown Tunnel.

You think “something must be done”? It certainly must, but expecting the four-lane A2 and A102 to handle more traffic isn’t it. A bridge at Gallions Reach, Thamesmead, would also bring its own problems.┬áThe A2 and A102 together form a rat run for longer-distance traffic, while the road network north of the river also struggles to cope with demand that will be increased by a new tunnel.

We believe planners should continue to invest in crossings for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists; but should also take action to ensure fewer vehicles needlessly enter London in the first place before considering any new road crossings in the capital.

We hope this website informs you of the facts, provokes debate about the effects of traffic and pollution in our communities, and empowers community groups to get involved and do their own testing to debunk the myths being spread by Transport for London and business lobby groups.