Tell Sadiq Khan: If you take air quality seriously, scrap the Silvertown Tunnel

St Mildred's Road

The South Circular as it enters Catford: we think polluting vehicles should be banned from here too

Have you got 10 minutes free? If you do, then you can do something quick that’ll tell Sadiq Khan that if he takes air pollution seriously, he needs to scrap the Silvertown Tunnel.

A few weeks ago, London’s mayor launched a consultation into what to do about our city’s air pollution problem. He has a number of ideas – one of them is expanding the planned Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) so it runs to the North and South Circular roads.

On the whole, we think it’s good that Sadiq Khan is taking some action on air pollution.

But carrying on with the Silvertown Tunnel proposal – which will attract more traffic and more pollution to our streets – threatens to undo this work.

We also think the ULEZ should be widened to cover all of London, as Khan’s proposals miss out pollution hotspots such as Plumstead and Catford.

So, please head here (you’ll need to sign up for an account with the City Hall website) and tell the mayor what you think.

When you get to the free text in question 18, please remind him that if he wants to take the issue seriously, he needs to scrap the Silvertown Tunnel. Please act quickly – the consultation closes this Friday.

If you’re a resident of Lewisham or Greenwich boroughs, and you’ve got a bit more time, you can also have your say on new air quality strategies for these areas.

For Lewisham Council, head here. If you live in Greenwich, go here.

We’ll be back in touch soon with some help in responding to the Silvertown Tunnel planning process.